The Chief Shusuke Amagai arc (anime merely)

Shortly after Orihime is actually caught by the Aizen’s forces, Urahara discovers Uryu inside the Karakura Hospital’s miracle training floor. He informs Uryu about that experiences, helping him leave a medical facility after he believes to aid. [87] Before you leave, Urahara requires him to a hidden storehouse, where they get a hold of several Seele Schneider. [88] Afterwards that big date, while explaining to Ichigo just how Orihime’s just take is actually something the guy retains himself guilty of because of becoming sloppy together with her real and you can emotional well-being, Urahara reveals a good Garganta to own Ichigo, Chad, and you can Uryu for them to enter Hueco Mundo to help you save yourself Orihime. After the deviation, Urahara reveals he’s alert to the existence of Ichigo’s about three family, and therefore the guy remaining the store unlocked so that they you can expect to get into. [89] Eventually after, Rukia and Renji come out-of Heart People, and you may Urahara opens up a good Garganta in their eyes. [90]

Since the Aizen is actually enveloped in the a column regarding light, Urahara informs your he will feel incinerated because of the his or her own Reiatsu from within

Adopting the Ichigo’s departure, Urahara, retrieving Kon and you may Ichigo’s looks, metropolitan areas Kon to the Ichigo’s looks. The guy persuades an unwilling Kon for taking more than Hollow search when you’re Ichigo are out. Urahara bands a different wristwatch on the Kon, which can only help him changes for the Karakura-Raizer. Delivering Kon out to challenge Hollows, the guy inspections his advances off his store and you will interacts having your via the check out. [91] Kisuke recruits Wear Kanonji, Tatsuki, Chizuru, Keigo, and you can Ururu, in addition to Kon, to create the fresh new Karakura-Raizer Class. As people dispatches the low peak Hollows afflicting the metropolis, an enthusiastic Arrancar looks within the a giant drifting fortress. Urahara, considering the new fortress, suggests it is made up of Hollows bonded together, and ends up you to so you can wreck it, they should struck within its key. The guy directs the team to combat new Arrancar and you will ruin the brand new fortress. He ruins the fresh new remains of your Empty fortress since it initiate to help you freeze towards the city below. As Kon and People fall asleep, Urahara, thanking them for their efforts, shows the guy used the for you personally to developed this new Tenkai Kecchu without having to be noticed. [92]

Around this time, Urahara is offered commands because of the Head-Chief Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto. These are typically carrying out a good Garganta to allow captains to enter Hueco Universo, [93] and you can preparing to the coming combat by creating they you are able to to the Gotei 13 to take on into the Karakura Area. The guy achieves that it through an instrument called the Tenkai Kecchu, that enables him so you’re able to change the actual Karakura City with a keen advanced backup made by the latest 12th Section. [94]

Urahara, noticing an insufficient a particular kind of soul particle, actually starts to envision it offers something you should do with the Kasumioji Clan. [95] Some time later, Urahara presides more than an effective Keent ranging from Rurichiyo Kasumioji, Ryusei Kenzaki, Rusaburo Enkogawa, Ichigo, with his family relations, taking support and you may reviews. [96]

Bogus Karakura Area arch

Given that Sosuke Aizen suggests the genuine character of the Hogyoku, Urahara episodes your away from trailing with Jugeki Byakurai, sharp Aizen’s shoulder. [97] Urahara, noting the newest strange form Aizen has brought, says Aizen keeps bonded on the Hogyoku. Aizen feedback that it is perhaps not mix, but instead subjugation of your Hogyoku, hence Urahara had failed to learn. Urahara, blazing down at Aizen, admits it is true which he was struggling to learn they in earlier times. Aizen attempts to attack him, but Urahara, using a handheld Gigai because the an effective decoy, uses the ability to bind Aizen with multiple Kido means. Urahara episodes which have “Senju Koten Taiho”, however, Aizen, searching behind your unharmed, slashes their neck. [98]

Aizen says to Urahara you don’t have to possess your as on guard, given that Hogyoku was building his efficiency. Urahara says he was perhaps not speaking of dodging the fresh Kido, but alternatively you to definitely in earlier times, Aizen will have never have been in bodily experience of him twice without a plan. Urahara reveals he placed seals for the Aizen so you’re able to take off off of the Reiatsu outlet hence every Shinigami has actually within wrists. [98] Yet not, Aizen emerges unscathed and additional transformed, leaving comments one Urahara used an even-90 Kido given that an effective decoy when you are position the new secure. Aizen says new Hogyoku Urahara created is past their understanding. Urahara symptoms Aizen because the Isshin will come at your regarding trailing, but he without difficulty reduces all of the attacks. But not, this is exactly shown to be a separate trap, once the Urahara and you can Isshin features entangled Aizen, pressuring him into an embarrassing standing. While the Aizen demands to understand what is being conducted, Yoruichi, using armor developed by Urahara, attacks Aizen away from a lot more than. Urahara yells getting Yoruichi to go away because Aizen quickly recovers. [99]


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